Blog Post #2

Willow Mill by Albrecht Durer

The piece of artwork I chose is from the Northern Renaissance era. The name of the piece is Willow Mill and it is by Albrecht Durer. I was intrigued with this particular piece of artwork because when I was doing research going through Durer’s paintings, most of them are not in color, and those that are, are in very dim colors. This one is in bright colors. During the Northern Renaissance The Reformation happened and due to this, artwork took on a whole new form. Prior to The Reformation, artwork was primarily religious. During this time, it began to stray to self portraits and landscapes like the one featured here.


2 thoughts on “Blog Post #2

  1. I think this painting is an excellent representation of the Renaissance, as you stated, the straying from religious work is relevant in this landscape. Willow Mill is so much different than his other works, I wonder what he was trying to get across with the dark clouds and bright trees/ground?

  2. Nice piece to talk about. I also chose a work by Albrecht Durer. This one is interesting as it is in color. From the works I saw of his the lines were thin but very prominent. The lines are in this work as well but I feel there are less of them. The colors are very bright for the renaissance. I have to side with Rhand6 and the question about the possible message in the colors. It looks fiery while still having a calm before the storm effect. I love the tree in this painting. It looks soft and playful but the shape of it looks like billowing smoke, perhaps tying in with my previous theory.

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